Your Office To-Go


The result of his own personal 30 day challenge to produce a product per day, designer Simon Ellison has given the laptop case and stand the ultimate innovation! With the current movement towards portable EVERYTHING comes a product designed to seamlessly fit within this new lifestyle. Previously, there was no portable solution for laptop stands. With all the co-working spaces and collaborations that now take place it seems only natural that the case evolves to fit this need. Combining the two products into a hybrid this new case protects whilst you travel and unfolds to give circulation and consistent height across cinema displays.

Using a live hinge formed within the durable plastic shell gives the height needed to elevate the laptop. This model features two snap out supports to give rigidity to the sideways movement. Combined with cutouts to lay cables through this case gives added cable routing between your secondary screen and laptop to keep your workspace tidy.

Designer: Simon Ellison