Thirst-Quenching Trees

Designed for use in tropical desert areas of Africa and the Americas where temperatures vary greatly between day and night, the Hope Tree is a large tree-shaped device that absorbs moisture from the air to supply drinking water. The design’s expansive folded surface of the canopy directs H20 particles to the central column to be filtered. Then, fresh, drinkable water can be collected via the easy-access base. 

Designers: Chi Cheng, Fang Zishuo, Hao Libin, Hu Tengwen, Jiang Jieyu, Jin Xiaoneng, Liu Xiaolong & Tong Shang


  • David says:

    What happens after a sandstorm?

  • KuchiBanga says:

    I would love to know what the expansive canopy is made of and as well as the internals that trap moisture

  • seshachary p says:

    is it in pilot stage or commercially available with working models any where? please inform

  • MAHESH says:

    can you please tell me the cost of the product ,
    and is it on sale , how much water can be collected in 1 day please inform

  • ??? says:

    It’s not available yet

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  • Vishnupriya Hathwar says:

    Is this design made out of plastic or a more naturally based easy to recycle and produce material? if its plastic then its still bad for the environment right? how are they going about this issue?

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