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I don’t think I’m the only one, but I have an absolute aversion to drainage holes in the bathrooms. I refuse to bathe if it’s too close to the showering area; and if I step on one by accident, sterilizing my leg becomes a serious consideration. They’re ugly, they gather gunk, they love holding on to hairballs, and they can never be clean enough. The Easy Drain Dot changes all of that. The design masks the hole by creating a large drain ring with a lovely circular platform inside it. Little do you know you’re actually standing on the drain, it’s just beautifully masked so you don’t subject yourself to the visual nightmare of staring at a vortex of your own filth.

The redesign is refreshing, and certainly redefines the way we look at drainage of any sort. Great stuff coming from Easy Sanitary Solutions, a multiple award winning sanitary products company!

Designer: Easy Sanitary Solutions