The User-friendliest Biofuel Stove Ever!


The Penguin Stove is to biofuel what the Bunsen burner is to the naked flame! It burns more efficiently than any other naturally aspirated stove based on alcohol or bioethanol. The stove kit includes a versatile set of custom designed stainless steel cookware and a bottle of 98% bio-alcohol. With the contents of this carry case you can light, heat, melt, boil, fry, steam, bake, toast, grill, or smoke anything and everything. This thing packs a powerful punch, so only use it outside! To adjust the rate of combustion, the cylindrical pyrex glass can be turned to regulate or shut the vents. The heat from the fire causes the alcohol to evaporate and feed the combustion. The rate of evaporation can be accelerated by inserting a metal cylinder into the fuel container. Whether its on an Arctic adventure or in your own backyard, its a clean and easy way to cook up your favs outside the kitchen!

Designer: Kaare Bækgaard