Soft, Squeezable, Huggable Phone

Imagine a phone made from cotton. Soft, pliable, and light yet never compromising on power or performance. The Soft Phone concept by designer Qian Jiang takes what we know about electronic cellulose structures and squeezes every last ounce of performance out of it, literally!

It’s a series of discs with electronic fabric stretched in between. The interface uses a combination of tactile gestures  like squeezing to hang-up and touch which detects a deformation on the surface to register input. The fibers are fine enough and optically clear allowing light energy to pass thru to display simple contextual menus. Whenever you need a full QWERTY just unfurl the collapsible structure. The cell antenna, battery, camera, and micro electronics are contained inside a tiny clip which itself is made of soft, squeezable, stress-reducing silica.

One thing this phone concept did do away with is a receiver because didn’t you know people in the future only use hands-free wireless technologies? Pffft!

Designer: Qian Jiang