Your OCD Will Love This


The Lift Up Storage System introduces an entirely new way of organizing and storing your things and keeping them out-of-sight. The system is designed based on a simple pulley-based principle which provides a convenient way to elevate objects off the ground so as to save space under it, or protect and hide the objects away from pets and small children.

The vertical motion of the front panel is linked to the horizontal rail on a roller system consisting of pipes and belts. The front panel only moves in one direction (up and down) and results in an opposing movement of the coat rail, revealing or hiding the coat rail while it moves. The main advantage of the Lift Up system is its space efficiency, convenience, simple construction, disability-friendly design and its scalability that allows it to be expanded into different variations of sizes and applications.

Designer: Igor Lobanov





  • Jenny says:

    My OCD centers around violent intrusive thoughts that cause me intense anxiety and feelings of guilt and self-hatred, and constant fear of illness and death. This storage system is cool, but I can’t figure out why my OCD would love it? Can you please explain that to me?

    • Jenny says:

      I guess you don’t have an answer for me. Probably because this has absolutely nothing to do with OCD, which is a mental illness that causes extreme anxiety, embarrassment and self-hatred among those who have it. It is painful. It is not just about nifty organizing tricks, and it is not a marketing strategy. Next time you want to use OCD in a title, replace it with other serious illnesses like cancer, bipolar disorder, diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis. If you wouldn’t title something “Your lupus will love this!” don’t title it with OCD.

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