Ultra-sleek Waterdrop X16 Reverse Osmosis System brings mineral-rich water with a single touch

I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen a water filtration system that looks elegant enough to integrate into your house or kitchen’s decor. They’re almost always made of plastic, with a design that can only be described as ‘worthy of being hidden’. That’s why most kitchens come with under-sink compartments for hiding these purification systems, so all you get is clean water through the tap without that hyper-industrial aesthetic of the purifier ruining your kitchen’s design. That’s something the folks at Waterdrop Filter wanted to change – among other things. The first time you lay your eyes on the Waterdrop Filter X series – X16, chances are you won’t even think it’s a purification system – with the sleek aesthetic of probably a high-end PC, the X16 is a state-of-the-art tankless RO water purifier that couples with a touch-sensitive faucet that truly uplifts your kitchen. Place the X16 in a hidden compartment or have it sitting on your countertop, it delivers RO-purified water at a speed of 1600 gallons per day. The water goes through a meticulous 11-stage filtration system, coming out as pristine and tasty as you’d expect from a device that looks this cutting-edge.

Designer: Waterdrop Filter

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Unlike conventional dispensers that rely on pre-filled tanks, the Waterdrop Filter X series – X16 operates on a tankless design. This means it generates purified water on demand, eliminating the need to wait for a bulky dispenser to slowly trickle out water. This helps give it that sleek design that sets it apart from other bulkier purifiers that store up to 10 or 20 liters of water at a time in advance. Water gets purified on demand, and the instant you touch the faucet, water flows at a maximum rate of 1600 gallons per day (that’s fast enough to fill a glass in a mere 2 seconds, or a kettle in 10 seconds). The flow speed can be adjusted too, but the idea of never having to wait with a carafe or jug while it slowly fills up is quite the boon.

Enjoy refreshing mineral water at home

However, water speed isn’t what defines the X16 – it’s the fact that the water goes through a meticulous 11-stage filtration process across 3 different filter modules. This multi-stage approach tackles a wide range of contaminants that may be lurking in your tap water. The heart of the system lies in the 18-layer RO membrane filter. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a technology that forces tap water through a semi-permeable membrane, effectively filtering out a wide range of impurities, including Chlorine, Lead, Fluoride, Heavy Metals like arsenic, mercury, and chromium-6, and finally Microscopic Contaminants like bacteria, cysts, etc. RO filtration is considered to be arguably the highest standard in home-based water filtration – but it does have a caveat – for every liter of water filtered, the tankless RO system also ejects contaminated water out of its system, leading to wastage. The X16 tackles that with a 3:1 fresh-to-waste water ratio – which means for every 3 liters of fresh purified water, there’s just 1 liter of impure water that’s disposed at the end of the day – a metric much better than some purifiers that waste up to 50% of water in their purification process.

While the multi-stage filtration process removes a wide range of contaminants, the X16 takes an extra step to ensure water safety. The system also integrates a UV sterilizer that eliminates bacteria and viruses in the dispensed water, providing an extra layer of peace of mind. This is especially beneficial for those with compromised immune systems or concerns about microbial contamination in their water supply. While the filtration happens behind the scenes, what you really end up interfacing with is the X16’s tap – a smart, touch-sensitive faucet that comes with its own color-coded display to let you know that your water is pure and contaminant-free. An intuitive dial on the faucet lets you select the desired water volume, from 1 to 64 ounces, with automatic shutoff once the chosen amount is dispensed. Need to stop dispensing early? Pushing the dial again stops the water flow – it’s so easy even a kid could do it.

A simple glance at the faucet’s display also lets you know the status of each of the three filters – blue indicates a healthy filter life, yellow signifies a filter nearing replacement, and red signals an urgent need for a filter change. This intuitive system ensures optimal performance and prevents potential water quality issues by reminding you to replace filters before they become ineffective.

The result is a design and tech overhaul of how drinking water is filtered and dispensed in your kitchen. Instead of purifiers that you want to hide away, and faucets that can often look archaic, the X16 puts a minimal-futuristic spin on the category, with a sleek-looking purifier that’s worthy of being on your countertop, but if space is a constraint, fits perfectly well in your undersink, occupying a minimal footprint. The faucet echoes the same intuitive, sleek, cutting-edge approach that’s seen in the tankless purifier too. It’s simple and easy to use, giving you fresh water that’s enriched in minerals and has a pH level of 7.5± so you actually enjoy the taste of water too.

Bringing an Apple or Tesla-kind of innovation and disruption to the water dispensing space comes with a price, though. The Waterdrop Filter X series – X16 starts at $1999 for the entire kit (purifier + smart faucet), but you can grab a 35% discount on Prime Day and an additional 5% off using the code YDreader during checkout!

Click Here to Buy Now: $1199.40 $1999 ($799.60 off, use coupon code “YDreader” to get an additional 5% discount). Hurry, deal ends in 48-hours!