This Sofa will have you drooling!


The Re Cinto Sofa’s an award winning piece of furniture, but I love it for an absolutely unrelated reason. From a distance, it looks like a massive bunch of french fries! And just like the fries, the Re Cinto sofa is all about making you feel comfortable and fuzzy inside.

The Re Cinto’s playful exterior lends itself to a lot of customization too. Each individual pillow can be rearranged and swapped for pillows of different colors, allowing you to make a collage out of your sofa set! The pillows themselves really give the sofa a sense of casualness (the kind you’d get from a beanbag), and at the same time look inviting. The Re Cinto also features a floating Plywood base that can be used to store items of your preference. The multiple cushion design can cleverly accommodate for cords and wires, allowing your chargers and other gizmo wiring to pass right through the sofa. Now isn’t that something you never knew you needed so desperately until now!?

The Re Cinto sofa concept has received the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year of 2015; and has been a nominee for the German Design Award for the year 2016.

Designer: Davide Anzalone











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