A Groundbreaking Ceiling AC


Picture this. You’re sitting at a table with a group of colleagues, with an AC above you on full blast. You’ve got your sweater on, but you’re still freezing. Meanwhile, on the other side, this hefty guy’s sitting in a half sleeve shirt with pit-stains, complaining about the heat. As exaggerated as that may seem, that’s what work is like for me all week. The Circle ceiling AC wonderfully tackles this problem, among others.

The Circle concept AC comes as a circular ceiling mounted AC with 360 degree coverage “that can be controlled”. Using the mobile app to work the AC, you can select which areas to throw wind towards, and not just that, you can select multiple temperatures at the same time! That means you can have the AC projecting cool air in one direction, and warm air in another! So, no fighting over the room temperature anymore. Gives you a lot more time to fight over office stationery!

Designers: Yoon Ho Kim and Hae Sung Park







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  • Etherealicer says:

    It’s what you get in every air-plain, so it’s not really a new idea.
    The problem is that you need a a strong air current, in order to have meaningful different temperatures in the room. This results in a noisy AC (no problem on a plain where it is already noisy) and everybody sits in a draft (not really comfortable and quite unhealthy).
    Adding to this is that having air currents of different temperature will lead to condensation. Pretty sure this thing will drip as a result thereof.

    The too hot/too cold problem and its solutions:
    – Dress Code often means: long pants and closed shoes for men, while the ladies are free to wear skirts and sandals. So, the temperature should be set that people with long pants and closed shoes are comfortable as they have no choice in wearing less.
    – Rather than setting the AC to fixed temperature it’s better to have it set to outside temperature – 5°C with an upper limit of 26°C and a lower limit of 18°C (I wager those numbers should depend on where on the globe you are. I’d bet Mexicans are comfortable in warmer temperatures than Fins)
    – The air current (mild, as drafts should be avoided) should start from the window where it’s warmest due to the sun towards the inside of the room

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