A Hiker Must-have


Designed with adventure in mind, Hive is a portable lighting gadget that provides big brightness despite its small size! Totally versatile, it can be attached on your gear for lighting a path, at the top of a tent to illuminate the interior, or even attached to a water bottle to create a fireless lantern. Take it on the road less traveled for instantaneous illumination!

Designer: Daulet Alshynbayev





  • Robert Scarborough says:

    Is the Hive Hicker Must Have Portable Light available for sale anywhere. I can not locate it. Designer is Daulet Alshynbayev

  • Daniel Prior says:

    Hive Hicker Must Have Portable Light..Would like to know the price and where or how I can purchase 2 or 3 of these.

  • Samir says:

    I want to buy Hive,Where to buy?

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