Multi-purpose light is a wireless charger, lamp, and container in one

One of the first things that I do when I get home, especially after a long day out, (aside from going to the bathroom) is to charge my smartphone. Well of course you drop your keys, bag, or any other things that you may be carrying, but plugging in and charging your phone is a priority. Now that wireless chargers are starting to catch on, it makes it easier to do so and even make the charger part of your decoration and do other functions as well.

Designer: Wenhua Xu

Wireless chargers are not just simply plain old chargers anymore but product designers are finding ways to incorporate it into our lifestyles. This product concept called multi-function light looks more like a lamp or container. It is that but also as a way to power up your smartphone. It’s designed for the bedside so it serves as a lamp if you don’t want to sleep in pitch-black darkness. But it can also be placed anywhere in the house where you need a lamp.

Aside from the lamp and the wireless charger, the device is also designed so you can place tiny things around the charging base like keys, medicine, a scrunchie, or anything small enough to place in that space. It’s a good spot to put items that you don’t want to forget before you leave the house since you probably will remove your phone from the charger and not forget to put it in your bag. So some people might want to place the multi-function light somewhere in the living room or near the door.

As for the charging pad itself, there doesn’t seem to be much information about the specifications which is understandable since this is still in the design phase. All we know is that the pad has an x marks the spot design just like a lot of other wireless charging pads. You place your smartphone within that x and it should be able to juice it up. The cylindrical part under it is where the charging coils are located and where the lamp part comes in.

Because I always seem to need to charge my phone and I always forget things like my keys, this is something that can be useful to me. The lamp part is a bonus since I also can’t sleep completely in the dark.