The Autonomous Log Lugger


Chela is a remote controlled heavy-duty vehicle designed with the aim to increase safety in the notoriously dangerous forestry industry. It is specialized for transporting manually felled trees on steep slopes and other hazardous terrains where it is impossible for manned vehicles to work. Chela can navigate transportation on the varying terrain in three ways: with its grabbers, telescopic arm or carrying it on its front with its compact dump bed. The grabbers are attached to a screw like tightener which starts its revolution with the help of a hydraulic motor and worm gear to bringing the grabbers together. Any tree logs under the body of the vehicle are grabbed tightly with the force of hydraulics while being transported to a collection area.

Designer: Ufuk Seçgel







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  • Stephen Russell says:

    Needs 2 be wider & higher to accomodate more tree limbs alone under body & or have truck bed to carry trees above to = weight for mobility.
    & work on say 72 deg incline slopes to.
    Test in WA & OR areas.
    Otherwise Yes & produce,

    Other markets with mods:
    debris removal
    trash removal
    clear trails.
    help lay cement
    carrying trees within lumber yard area alone.
    Saw on arm to cut trees on spot IF warranted.
    Use 3D Video for operator from console.

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