Air filtration’s a breeze


Apart from looking cool, gas masks do a pretty good job of suffocating us. What do you expect if you put a sheet of cloth against your face though? Designer Yeo Ruifeng has a nifty approach to this problem. Remove the filter and replace it with an invisible coating that’s free. Air! The very stuff we inhale! The BREATHE mask creates an “air curtain” (yes, it exists) around the nose and mouth. The clever thing is you’re still breathing in purified air. Bad air is sucked into the device through the air intake at the back, and gets purified through a HEPA Filter. This air is then propelled through the air exit tubes that rest around the ears. These tubes push out the clean air, and create a veil of breathable air around the mouth and nose. Not only is this air safe to breathe, the barrier it creates prevents you from breathing in contaminated air!

Now while I still think a motorized gas mask is a tad bit complicated as compared to regular cloth based gas masks, and not to mention the fact that this technology and schematic hasn’t been tested yet, it clearly looks promising! And hey, what an idea, right?!

Designer: Yeo RuiFeng