Adorably nostalgic AirTag case makes your tracking device look like an Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple’s tiniest iPod just happens to have the perfect form factor to become a case for the company’s tiny tracking device!

The Shuffle AirTag Case from elago is just the perfect accessory for any true blue Apple nerd. Designed to look almost exactly like a 4th Gen iPod Shuffle, this tiny legend just happens to be a protective case for your AirTag. Made from soft silicone, it protects your tracking device from bumps and scratches, while a keyring lets you secure it to bags, backpacks, etc. Manufactured to stunning detail, it also happens to perfectly capture the iPod Shuffle’s sheer iconic beauty, with the circular interface on the front, to even the switch and 3.5mm audio input on the bottom!

Designer: Elago

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The Shuffle AirTag Case comes in two colors – mint green and black, although I wholeheartedly prefer the latter. It’s one out of many of elago’s wonderful ‘Blast from the Past’ series of cases and covers for Apple devices and captures the fun history of Apple’s journey as a tech giant that went on to disrupt computers, music players, and then phones. This adorable crossover has the AirTag cosplaying as Apple’s smallest iPod, with dimensions that match the iPod Shuffle just perfectly.

The Shuffle Case’s silicone construction allows you to snugly fit the AirTag in, with its metallic disc base sticking out from the back. The silicone design in no way inhibits or blocks the AirTag’s tracking and broadcasting abilities, although you may find the ringing to be a little muffled. Moreover, if you’ve custom-engraved your AirTag, you won’t be able to see it since the white plastic element faces inwards. However, that’s a pretty small price to pay for what I easily believe is one of the most creatively nostalgic AirTag cases you can own!

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