Decoding The Cries Of A Baby

Who said that maternal (or paternal) instincts come in naturally when you hold your precious little bundle! I went trough a lot of trial and error with my crying baby. I didn’t know if he was crying for more milk, was unwell or wanted more affection. Wish I could re-do those days with something like this BabySays. It’s a device that kinda deciphers the baby’s crying and gives you, the parent an idea of what might be bothering him.

According to the designer’s research:
“Baby’s cries have a general pattern for its needs: hunger, discomfort (wet diaper, for example), sickness, sleepiness, and tiredness. This pattern enables BabySays to translate baby’s language into adult’s language as well as monitoring the baby, and help parents respond to baby’s cry appropriately and promptly.”

Now I can’t vouch for this claim, but if it were true, then it will probably save a lot of crying and weeping from both sides. Yea, try staying sane when your baby is hollering and you can’t calm him down!

This is how the BabySays works: there is a transmitter placed in a baby pillow that receives the baby’s signal (crying) and analyzes the pattern. It then sends a message to the receiver, which is a bracelet that the parents can wear. It displays the appropriate message (like hungry etc.) accompanied with either the actual sound of baby’s cry or a silent vibration.

Designer: Hansook Lee