Decoding The Cries Of A Baby

Who said that maternal (or paternal) instincts come in naturally when you hold your precious little bundle! I went trough a lot of trial and error with my crying baby. I didn’t know if he was crying for more milk, was unwell or wanted more affection. Wish I could re-do those days with something like this BabySays. It’s a device that kinda deciphers the baby’s crying and gives you, the parent an idea of what might be bothering him.

According to the designer’s research:
“Baby’s cries have a general pattern for its needs: hunger, discomfort (wet diaper, for example), sickness, sleepiness, and tiredness. This pattern enables BabySays to translate baby’s language into adult’s language as well as monitoring the baby, and help parents respond to baby’s cry appropriately and promptly.”

Now I can’t vouch for this claim, but if it were true, then it will probably save a lot of crying and weeping from both sides. Yea, try staying sane when your baby is hollering and you can’t calm him down!

This is how the BabySays works: there is a transmitter placed in a baby pillow that receives the baby’s signal (crying) and analyzes the pattern. It then sends a message to the receiver, which is a bracelet that the parents can wear. It displays the appropriate message (like hungry etc.) accompanied with either the actual sound of baby’s cry or a silent vibration.

Designer: Hansook Lee


  • Dougie says:

    The Simpsons Already Did It

  • Carl says:

    when i see this i pray for humanity.

  • Mark says:

    Another concept for a product humans don’t need. It puts a piece of tech inbetween a child and a parent, which is kind of horrible. I would much prefer a design that helped a parent spent more time with their child and be able to bond, rather than turn them into virtual pet.
    This is more of an exercise in presentation than in an actual well thought out concept.

  • brack says:

    The concept is based on the idea that babies are all the same, like robots. Bad product, unless you already sit around and let everyone else do everything for you.

  • Henrique Staino says:

    Not to mention that, if a mother doesn’t know what is her baby crying for, take the baby to the doctor.
    It’s useless.

  • MadCow says:

    considering the anthropological consequences as many have mentioned, it will break the bond between mother and child. but if you think about it, the rich have been doing this for years… the only thing this will do is put a few experienced nanny’s out of work. but if this technology did work, i would rather want to know what my dog is thinking.

  • FUNHEAD says:

    The idea is very well!
    but the only question is how can i know the baby is sick!
    so,now this is a concept idea ,but indeed useful for mum!

    I TRANSLATE the title on my site:)

  • Douden says:

    So Do U think that small thing is better then parents?
    I don’t think so!~

  • Eric says:

    I think it’s cool it can decode a cry (if that REALLY works.) But scrap the stupid bracelet/pillow thing, just build it into current baby monitors. I would find that feature much more appealing. It was the same argument when those came out, “Parents should know how to do their job without it.” But I think the case has been proven of it’s need, and with a baby decoder built in, why not? I think this as a separate item is stupid, but I’m not going to discount its technological assistance. I agree parents SHOULD know how to do the job they signed up for, but I also know not every parent can, i.e. teen mothers and fathers… If it benefits baby, why not?

  • brack says:

    Hi Eric,
    Two things…baby monitors are not needs. They are luxuries. I chose to put my son in the other room and not in mine. Secondly, the position that “…not every parent can…” is a dumbing down of perfectly capable people who don’t even try because “it is too hard.” I’m all for giving this product the opportunity of making gozillions of dollars, and I’m sure it will. People want this kind of “its too hard, fix it for me” technology, but convincing new mothers and fathers that a machine can interpret their baby better than they eventually “will” puts obstacles in the way of personal responsibility.

    • Eric says:

      Sorry should have used the word “purpose” instead of need. Many baby’s have been saved, I’m sure you have heard the stories also. As for dumbing people down: I agree it is a luxury. But so are cell phones, and cash registers. Some people can’t even count back change because the machine tells them what to do, that’s pretty “dumbing.” It still stands that not everyone can handle the parenting job, and if they can afford this luxury I say for the sake of baby, they get this. I worked in a baby store for over a year, and I have seen several parents who do their job exquisitely that would love this luxury still. So yes some people who don’t know what their doing would want this, but so would people who are doing fine already. Anything to improve their baby’s life, even if it’s just a convenience. Ps I see this no more “dumbing” to parents than a nanny either. To many parents I dealt with don’t even know what size clothing their baby wore. Though I don’t suggest developing a piece of tech to tell them… 😉

  • brack says:

    Ah! Gotcha now! I’ll concede “for the sake of the baby” and appreciate your empathy for them. I look forward to further discussion on other innovations.

  • Cromagnum says:

    Must not have any kids huh? LOL

  • Li says:

    I would like to know where can I buy it. People that say they always know what is each baby cry aren’t telling the true story. They do not know and when it happens they say the baby feels colic. As the medicine doesn’t explain colics, everybody use it when they don’t know what the baby is saying. Your invention is really very good and helps the mother to understand her baby without a nanny! I’m sure, after a few weeks using this machine the mother will be able to understand her baby without it! But until there, it’s a very helpful thing.
    I have a one month baby and I don’t have parents or a nanny or anyone to help me with him. I really would like to buy the BabySays, but I didn’t find it anywere. Can you send me informations about it by e-mail, please?

    • Mark says:

      This product does not exist. It is a concept. In the meantime you will have to make do with bonding with your child. Sorry.

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