Retro-inspired Universal Device Holder


STAN is a device holder inspired by the classic desk lamp that allows you to hold virtually any smartphone, tablet, or eReader securely up where you want it while keeping your hands free. STAN is one of the only device holders on the market that will work with a small smartphone one minute, and a full sized tablet the next, holding both securely without needing to install magnets, tape, or rely on nano-suction pads which have been known to drop devices. STAN will work with your current devices and ones you will own in the coming years making it quite possibly the last device holder you’ll ever need to buy!

Constructed of high-quality materials such as painted steel and anodized aluminum; each STAN comes with a weighted base for use on tables, desks, and counter tops, and an aluminum clamp to attach the armature onto the headboard of your bed, the edge of a desk, a table, or anywhere else you can think of. Also included are 4 snap-on wire clips that keep your original or aftermarket charge cables tidy.

Designer: Paul Hanusiak







  • Danneka says:

    I am a proud owner of an original STAN device holder and I have to say, I’m so happy I bought one! It’s extremely well constructed and easy to use. I love the fact that is comes on a stand but also has a clamp so I can attach it to my kitchen cupboards and read a recipe without getting my device dirty or have it be in the way while I’m cooking. Great product!!

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