Flip open bottles with James Brand opener, lifestyle accessory designed to do a lot more

In the everyday carry (EDC) world, The James Brand is a heralded name; celebrated for its creation of the most coveted and functional EDC knives. Now, stepping into uncharted territory with a touch of innovation and style, James Brand reveals the Titanium Bottle Opener—an accessory that Man of Many titles the “iPhone 15 Pro of bottle openers.”

It is a sleek and durable bottle opener made entirely of 6AL4V titanium; the same material found in high-performance aircraft components. This choice of material for construction renders the TJB bottle open feather-lightweight form factor. It weighs only 29g and is stilled to open conversations with every flip of a bottle cap.

Designer: The James Brand

Priced at $99, this titanium bottle opener is a small investment that pays off big. Milled from a single solid billet, it embodies the epitome of strength and durability. The James Brand has not only created a tool for practical use but a statement piece that seamlessly transitions from your home to the bustling atmosphere of a night out with friends.

Not just limited to bottle-opening duties, this EDC comes integrated with a lanyard hole in its sleek profile, which offers a personal touch and a chance for you to make a statement with your style. That’s not all, flip the opener over, and you’ll discover a mini driver discreetly nestled in the bottom. Need to open a box or tighten down a camera mount? The James Brand Titanium Bottle Opener has you covered.

In the exclusive market of EDCs, where every detail counts, The James Brand Titanium Bottle Opener stands out as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. For its affordable price tag, you’re not just purchasing a bottle opener; you’re investing in a conversation starter: A piece of titanium design that’ll withstand the test of time!