Earlier this year we saw a test video with the possibility of touchscreens becoming more tactile. The screen had the ability to rise and form buttons that could be pressed. A group of designers saw how that tactile innovation could be used to help the visually impaired harness the power of improving technology.

The concept Entouch revolves around an exterior for your smartphone with a tactile-enabled touchscreen and a click button. Slip your phone into Entouch and it translates visual data from the camera into bumps, allowing you to get a rough outline of what your camera is capturing. This sort of thing could be big not just for photography, but also for any sort of visualization.

Designers: Won-kyoung Seo, Lee Kangkyung & Hye Ryung Lee.








  • Lori Fitzgerald says:

    This is amazing!!! My grandson. And my mother would greatly benefit from this!!! Awesome!!

  • Brailler says:

    This looks great. How much does/ will it cost? Thank you

  • Lisa cherry says:

    How would someone get this, my daughter is blind and I think she could benifit from this.

  • When you need beta users, let me know. My daughter is a student at the California School for the Blind. I bet she and her classmates, with regular access to the tech lab, would LOVE to get their hands on this! Thank you!

  • Toshikazu Fukkoshi says:

    How amazing product this is!
    Thanks for all your staffs.

    I have some questions about “Entouch”.

    How much does/ will it cost?

    I live in Japan. If, I want to purchase Entouch, what kind of method may I purchase this product?

    And when I want to purchase this product, where should I contact?

    Please tell me the method for purchase of this product.

  • katherine allen says:

    is this devise available?

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    Hey guys.! It’s wonderful to see your positive response! This design however, is conceptual.
    Do follow the designers on their Behance page. Maybe a message there would result in something fruitful!

    All the very best!

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