Easy Pop!


For anyone who’s ever struggled popping a soda can, the Turning Lid makes it easier than ever to get the goodies inside! The simple design features an extended tab that rests against the lower part of a graduated lip before being opened. To open, just slide the tab around with minimal effort! As it swivels, pressure is placed on the aluminum seam and the tab is lifted at an easier, more ergonomic angle for opening.

Designer: Yun So Hyeon, Chang Min Jeong, Byun Ji Hyun




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  • Slugsie says:

    I’m going to ignore the obviously dubious initial claims about how hard it is to open a normal can.

    One HUGE problem here… this can design will not stack. And even after you’ve rotated it, you still need to lift the ring-pull to complete the opening, at which point you’re right back at square one – which you claimed was a problem to begin with.

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