A Twist on the Trash Can


Designed for those with limited limb functionality, the Pack Master makes tying and taking out the trash a cinch! Cut out directly on the waste bin’s top edge, a cleverly designed branch system makes it possible to tie a knot with one hand. Simply wrap the excess bag around, loop under and through and voila! The bag can then be lifted, taken out and replace without any spillage.

Designer: Yijin Chou, Cing-En Chen, Shin-Han Shen & Yu-Chi Liao







  • Jacky says:

    Amazing. Beyond fantastic for people with disabilities and also can be used with abled people.

  • Kalina says:

    That’s a simple and fantastic idea.

  • Red Hot says:

    Oh,it’s a good idea. Because I always think when I tie trash bag it is hard to put my hand in the full trash bag.

  • Al says:

    Brilliant! Speechless! What more can I say!

  • Nilrat. Ngamwijitwong says:

    I love your design and I would like to offer my idea to you.

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