Put the phone down, people!

A part of the anti-phone-addiction movement, the Phone Cell is a device that encourages people to get their face out of the screen during the most valuable parts of the day. Focused around bedtime and morning, users place their phone in the device which then automatically locks. In the morning, the user can only be reunited with a “Cell Key” after they have taken 20 steps. This ensures users will get up and at em’ in the morning rather than procrastinate in bed in the morning! If sleep/wakeup isn’t your problem, you can reprogram the device and set your own phone-free time!

Designer: Hans Ramzan










  • Slugsie says:

    Great. Until you wake up one morning and there is an emergency and suddenly you have to go for a run around your bedroom before you can call for help. What about if someone calls you? Still need to go for a quick jog?

    • Hans Ramzan says:

      Hi Slugsie,

      Ive been told this numerous times! However, there is a solution for it as states on the official website http://www.hansramzan.tk/the-phone-cell
      There is an emergency button on the side which allows people to cycle through user-defined emergency contacts on the front display panel. Contrary to what most people think, the button does not open the phone cell as this is a loophole for addicts to abuse. By having contacts on the display, it ensures that an emergency contact can easily be contacted (via the integrated speaker and microphone).


  • Hans Ramzan says:

    I understand the problem but the idea behind this is a social commentary on design. The problem is that I was trying to solve a psychological problem with a physical product. By creating the phone cell, it proves that there’s a design solution for everything.

  • MJM87 says:

    Or just have a designated charging location outside of your bedroom.

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