Recover Energy While You Race

From the designer of this ingenious energy recovering lamp comes the Pirelli La Cinetica Racing Bike which offers the same efficiency for serious riders. While peddling, the carbon and steel wheel rotates around a circular brush. This causes an electric direct current to build, which feeds into a capacitor located at the bottom of the frame. When demanded by the rider, the stored charge is used on a motor located at the front of the frame. The energy feedback system allows the rider to rest while the bike propels itself!

Designer: Fraser Leid

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  • Tomas Kapler says:

    This is actually nonsense. Nice idea, but does not work – the energy that is returned is lower then energy needed to move that extra weight. Actually you need at least cca. 250 kgs of total weight of bike+rider to have higher gain than lost (that’s why recuperation is only in cars). Maybe sometime in the future

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