A phone that saves the world

Chances are that you’ve got your phone right near you (or you’re reading this on your phone). Take a minute and flip your phone over. Look at the back, the sides, the details. What’s your phone made of? How’s it assembled? Can you pull it apart? Access the battery? Or the bluetooth module? Chances are you can’t. Phones nowadays are getting slimmer as the insides get smaller and cramped together to make your product sleek. What’s under your phone chassis is a mystery, most parts are glued together so as to avoid screws, because they eat space. As a result, your phone is a block. An un-recyclable block that goes to a landfill after your screen cracks, or you drop it in water.

The Fairphone changes all that. Built to last, the Fairphone has a design that allows it to be pulled apart, fixed, and reassembled. Fairphone has also been known to rely on a pro-nature ecosystem, making good use of materials and resources, and also being actively involved in protecting labor-welfare. This is the only guilt-free, socially/ecologically responsible phone out there. A green clean, smart-machine.!

Designer: Fairphone

[youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DW733G76BY 600 451]

Author: Sarang Sheth