Petite Porsche SUV

Almost the same size as a Porsche Cayman, the Nassau concept would be the smallest SUV in the brand’s lineup but would also have the capability of carrying not 2 but 4 passengers both on and off road. Under the hood, it’s the same plug-in hybrid powertrain featured in the Porsche 918. To contrast its diminutive size, the exterior design language is purposefully menacing and angry. One might say it’s the leaner, meaner Porsche SUV.

Designer: Gery Ancira


  • stephen russell says:

    Id drive one, neat, must for rentals too.
    Trade my Nissan in for one, IF price not too high.
    Need second seat & doors or scissors doors for rear.

  • gery ancira says:

    scissors doors is a good idea but im missing the interior but it fits 4 passengers

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