Renault reinvents mobility with electric rides to take on the elements of nature

A showcase of the automotive geniuses for tomorrow, the Geneva International Motor Show 2024, saw some fascinating automobile innovations. Amid them, drenched in eye-piercing yellow theme, was Renault’s collaborative project carried out in association with reckoned French startups in the mobility sector.

Titled the Renault 5 Movements, it is a series of electric vehicles comprising a bicycle motocross, foldable sailboat, sea bike, snow bike, and a surfboard with an electric hydrofoil. This impressive and diverse range of Renault options is a nod to the elements of nature: earth, water, air, and snow, and is an integral part of the company’s 100 percent electric revolution.

Designer: Renault

For the earth, the R5 Evol BMX is an all-electric bicycle motocross designed in association with Olivier Le Quellec. The bike is powered by a 500W motor that can take you cruising at 45km/h. It is designed to combine “dynamism and performance,” which makes it a perfect option for urban commuting and living the bike thrill off the tar.

Taking to the water, Renault has a fantastic foldable sailboat designed with Antoine Simon. Dubbed the Reverso, the versatile and compact boat features a stable, rigid hull. With a payload capacity of 180 kg, this sailboat – that is apt to take a family for an outing – has a folding design. It can be disassembled into four separate floating sections for the convenience of transportation.

Following on is Renault and Flavien Neyertz’s Searacer. This electric sea bike developed for water sports, comes ready with a high-density motor that can give this electric jet ski-style a boost of up to 77km/h. The motor offers a two-hour range, which should appeal to pros and beginners alike. If the bike is not your type, Renault also has the Plume surfboard by Etienne Mombereau for you. Weighing 3kg, this surfboard with electric hydrofoil is designed to take you on water adventures at speeds of up to 35 km with 1.5 hours of run-time.

If your fancy is not satiated by the regular land and water rides, Renault has come up with an electric snowbike called the Moonbike designed by Nicolas Muron. Its chain and belt-free design comprises a track and a front ski that can help the Moonbike achieve top speeds of up to 40km/h. That should be a good speed for treading the snow paths with 3 hours of assured ride time. Whatever your choice, Renault 5 Movements has a ride for you. The information on pricing and any possible availability is in oblivion for now.