Bicycle VS Predator

The following bike is inspired by one of your humble narrator’s favorite films: Alien [1979 Ridley Scott]. I would say it should be more directed at the man who designed the alien itself [HR Giger] but it has a lot to do with the environment and the spaceship interiors, everything all encapsulated in one aggressive bike designed be Richard Malachowski and mechanically engineered by Cannondale. This is the exoskeleton loveliness of the Demon Downhill Bicycle.

This bike is special because where there’d normally be a traditional tubular frame, there’s a reinforced carbon fiber exoskeleton. This feature allows for different organic surfaces and gives the structure a strength it otherwise wouldn’t have had to such a degree. This exoskeleton allow allows the rider to reach the heart of the bike to reinforce the inside shell frame (for extreme jumping) and to store or attach a tool case without interfering with the outer shape.

I’d put a bunch of candy bars and Squeeze-Its in there.

Technical Details:
· Frame material: Carbon fiber
· Maximum tire width: 76.2 mm
· Head tube angle: 69º
· Seat tube angle: 64º
· Wheel base: 1185 mm
· Chain stay length: 457 mm.

Designer: Richard Malachowski