I Want This Hanger

Something about the Axis stand hanger beckons me. There’s a fluidity in the minimalism I appreciate. I’m a sucker for hanger appeal and this could be my manic “fashion designer” personality coming out, but if clothes were presented well, nay HUNG well – the garment appeal increases exponentially. Okay, maybe not exponentially but you get the picture. The great thing about the Axis is even without proper hangers, the support arms already act like one. BANGARANG!

Unfortunately it’s a prototype only. I spoke with the designer and there’s definite interest in manufacturing it. All we need is someone to make them. ROLL CALL!

Dimensions – W 400 x D 1000 x H 1750
Materials – Stainless steel

Designer: Ramei Keum

Axis Clothes Hanger Stand by Ramei Keum