Envisioning the Eco-Jet

Designed for the not-so-distant future, the AWWA·QG “Progress Eagle” 800 passenger aircraft features innovations in form and tech that make it both bigger and greener than an Airbus A380. Most noticeably, the reshaped fuselage is more giant fighter jet than airliner, giving it enhanced aerodynamics as well as visibility for both pilots and passengers. Despite its size, it aims for zero-contaminant emissions by harnessing approaching quantum mechanic technologies, superconductive fuel-cell engines and a CO2 in-air cleaning system.

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • stephen russell says:

    Produce this make speed near Mach 1, awesome
    great for Air Cargo.
    Love this beats 747 style.

  • mif991 says:

    Hmm. Has anybody run aerodynamic tests for this? I wonder the reasoning for the “feathered” (?)wing tips. Otherwise its only a nice aesthetic exercise. If so, then well done.

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