Sky Whale

The latest from aviation enthusiast Oscar Viñals, the AWWA “Sky Whale” concept aircraft explores the use of hybrid engine technology and active airflow wings. The unique wing system is longer from tip-to-tip and includes an integrated turbine near the fuselage which redirects laminar airflow while producing supplemental energy for the hybrid engines. Looks like an ultra-modern Spruce Goose!

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • stephen russell says:

    If it can fly 800 mph faster than present jets then Im in
    Id be awesome to fly in from LA to London or LA to Maui or Big Island HI
    offering super First class services.
    IE massage, Wi Fi, lounge bar, dance area?
    vs the plain jane 747s & Airbus 380s.
    Make a great mega Exec Jet for MNC use alone.

  • irwan susantyo says:

    smart design for tranportation aircraft

  • konrad says:

    So does that design have any kind of engineering rational at all? Is it even aerodynamically viable. Or does it just look cool?

  • mif991 says:

    I guess “if it looks good, it will probably fly as well”, but I am not sure about the extra structure around the wings (less is more?). Nice renderings and nice elegant shape.

  • konrad says:

    That’s not how aerodynamics works. If you get the angles wrong you can end up with massive turbulence weather it looks good or not. And on the other side of the coin, a lot of butt ugly cars made in the 70’s and 80’s where largely shaped by wind tunnel tests, meaning that despite appearances they where aerodynamic.

  • Kazmania says:

    The structure through that wing root looks quite dubious. The load path through the wings and fuselage is in a circle through the wing root and empannage – looks pretty scary to me. – Star Trekish

  • Johnathan says:

    Is there any technical specs and price point?

  • Jeff Wright says:

    It evokes the work of Colani.

    I think it is lovely myself. This guy needs to do his take on the Refit Enterprise from Star Trek the Motion picture

  • apolo says:

    Require additional build up under the roof parachute system for safty landing from the sky.

  • J. Levesque says:

    Beautiful design, but large doesn’t mean better. Why fly so many chickens in one, two-winged basket?

  • Phoghat says:

    almost 800 people in a plane, sounds almost like a city in the sky.

  • Frederik says:

    cool but I think the biggest problem is not if it can fly but how it can come out of the hangar?

  • Brian says:

    So you have engines in the tail ingesting exhaust from the front engines. Not good.

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