What if we could mount a bike on the wall?

Need your city to have more space? Then how about a bicycle rack that fits on a wall and makes space for pedestrians. The Wall-Hanger Bike Rack is wall mounted and user-friendly. It affords easy parking and protects against theft. It may not be the best solution for city-cramped-spaces, but is a step in the right direction as far as ideation goes. Think about it!

Designers: Lee Jong Pil, Hong Sung Min, Jern Jae Yang & Kim Du Su


  • W says:

    Yeah let’s create space by blocking the sidewalks.

  • Mario says:

    So easy to steal the bikes stored in this rack. Just loosen the stem, turn the bar 90° and pull down. Then re tighten the stem and ride of. How is this a good solution?

    Plus many bikes vary in height, this would only fit a small subset of bikes, like in the side illustration shown above a folding bike would be to low to fit, as would be kids bikes. Not to mention that the wheels are completely unsecured.

    Not good

  • onkl says:

    Very overengineered and, as noticed above, it will not secure the bike. Beyond that, this is conceptually flawed.
    By this solution, the cost of securing the bike rests upon the general public (municipality), not upon the bikeowner. In more bike-savvy countries, bikers take their own cable lock, while the municipality might provide very basic and efficient racks where your bike can lean on and be used to secure the lock.
    For example: This “fietsnietje” (Bike-staple) is very popular in Netherlands:

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