Oil Tanker Turned Luxury Toy

From the same designers of the MY50M and Migaloo Submarine comes the world’s largest yacht design concept based on a 280 meter long SuezMax tanker platform. The project is named Imāra. The mega-ist of mega-yachts, the upcycled oil tanker turned private luxury floating residence may be larger than life but it’s also more environmentally friendly in comparison to newly constructed vessels. See what you get with all that room!

The exterior design is dominated by the slick hull painted in bright white with golden accents. For the superstructure of the tower, the design studio went for a custom design, but based on the shapes of common tanker superstructures. The overall exterior design concept was to generate a highly precious aesthetic combined with modern architecture-like elements but also incorporating every state-of-the-art super yacht feature.

The raised fore deck is dedicated to host 3 large helipads which guarantee fast departure or arrival of the owner and the guests. 2 of the helipads are lower able to the hangar which is located directly underneath. In total, the yacht is able to carry 5 choppers, 2 in the hanger and 3 on the heli deck above.

Another main exterior feature is the large atrium located amidships right above the wet garages and beach clubs. It stretches over 4 decks and generates imposing views from all angeles to the wet garages below, where tender and toys can be operated easily through 4 side hatches (2 on each hull side), each 15m wide. Tender up to to 90 feet can be docked in the yachts hull or can drive through the whole hull thanks to the 2 sided hatches.

Designer: Motion Code: Blue