Mobile Pavilion Car

Designer Sean Seongjun Ko describes his Inner City Vehicle as a mobile pavilion that resembles an urban cocoon. A vehicle in which people can relax and enjoy a comfortable ride, in a ‘classic yet modern’ design that romanticizes the future. The compact 4-seater vehicle fits into the sustainable environment of the future city by using hydrogen fuel cell technology. The designing use autonomous technology, and the interior space is very flexible; the seating layout also differs from the usual norm where every passenger faces single direction.

As the designer explains, “The interior design of the vehicle takes inspiration from wavy and sliced sculptures. Each sliced part has different curves and combination of these parts creates different forms, which allow different sitting positions and application of various materials.”

Designer: Sean Seongjun Ko


  • Eddard says:

    The Carriage-like proportions are very outdated. Try rethinking this design as a watercraft and you may have something of interest.

  • dl7und says:

    I am not sure about the suspension, and like Eddard says this thing takes up some space, but I must say I like the design…

  • MDesigns says:

    It looks like it will last 10 minutes in the road.

  • Zvezdan says:


  • Lavin says:

    This concept has much merit. It has a purposeful yet relaxed and elegant feel to it. Surely automotive trends would have to adjust in this direction to allow vehicles of this type to coexist with each other on the road, but one needs to start somewhere. Keep at it!

  • Hunter says:

    And if it rains?

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