Hammer No Hurt ‘em

So the point of this Hammelean hammer is to drive in a nail into the wall with minimum pressure to your wrist and hand. Sounds like a simple plan with advanced physics thought process, and a little bit of design engineering. What do you think … will it work?

Designers: Junki Ahn, Cho Jungin, Kim Hyeokjoon and Km Juil


  • Latouffe says:

    Wow, i am tired …
    This is just physically a total nonsense !
    Science anyone ?

  • the_hammer says:

    Another solution to a non-existing problem and not functional in any way…

  • Latouffe says:

    Yes, I a m sorry for these students, but they should consider firing their teachers, or leaving this university …

  • the_hammer says:

    Yup, but unfortunately this is not going to happen. Can’t wait to see yet another electric socket design by some inconsiderate clown *yay*

    Yanko really went to shit man…

  • grantslab says:

    Very strong retardation

  • Mike says:

    Yanko should consider to filter most of the projects that are sent by email. Most of them are pure time wasters and nonsense. It’s because of projects like this one that I dont want follow yanko anymore.

  • Alaor says:

    This deserves a red dot award.

    (they use to award these nonsense “designs”)

  • Alaor says:

    Bonus: this hammer needs a non-standard tool to adjust…

    Call the ROFLCopter, quickly!

  • frank says:

    like everyone else said, this is badly thought through nonsense! it’s basically a tool to bend a nail or crush a finger. ridiculous.

  • frank says:

    also “advanced physics thought process” hahaha

  • Lonnie says:

    This is the worst idea I have even seen on this site. Obviously the designer(s) have never used a hammer, or maybe just never used one correctly. I’m disappointed in yankodesign for just posting this one.

  • Dave says:

    Is this a joke?

  • billus says:

    this is asinine

  • billus says:

    Yanko has become a parody of a real ID

  • Alaor says:

    @Dave a bad one, by the way.

  • Feniks says:

    April Fool, a little early?

  • it’s won’t work, hard to manipulate and aim nail 🙂

    Nice design but very nonsense 🙂


  • Lion says:


  • themechanic says:

    I felt relieved after reading the comments … there are still sensible people in this world. thank you all

  • what? says:

    This makes no sense.
    First the problem doesn´t exist, since the wrist doesn´t suffer that much. It´s the impacts that damage the wrist, not the angle.

    Also, try to use a hammer, part of the force comes from the wrist. And your body will naturally allign the hammer with your arm, in a straigth line. So using a angled hammerdoesn´t make sense, because it dissipates part of the force that comes from a 90º angle hammer.

    So… Not only it makes the hammer much more expensive to produce, it doesn´t solve much. I doubt people will even loose the time to adjust the hammer on the right angle, they will just use it has a normal hammer… Hell, we even use something heavy to nail stuff to the wall if we don´t have a hammer! Then why use a high-tech hammer top solve a simple problem? This looks like a german type of solution lol.

  • Robustas says:

    Gosh… seriously hours spent trying to find designers solving real problems… Where did they go?

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  • AlloyOrange says:

    This is so sad

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