Easy-draining Pot

Love the concept of the Funnel Pot, which integrates a water draining system. It’s designed to help drain out boiling water and keeping the pasta, rice or whatever it was that you were boiling, within the pot. I suppose you could use it for making tea as well, but you get the drift right? Just another innovation that hopes to make cooking an easier job and cut down on wastage.

Designer: Bosoon Kang


  • Andy says:

    Might work when the pot doesn’t have much, but if it’s not almost empty the food is going to spill out because the inlet is near the top of the pot. It won’t work at all.

  • trimtab21 says:

    I’m not sure tilting a pot of boiling water towards oneself is good idea.

  • Eric Du says:

    same concept with 2013 reddot winner project made by WUFAN(china)

  • This idea was designed by me and got 2nd prize in Turkey IMMIB Design Awards in 2011.

    You can check from this link;

    XO Project

  • bill says:

    wont be able to expel all of the water, without loosing the food. Also handle will get hot! solution for reducing the heat on the hand?

  • Oliver Twist says:

    Looks dangerous to me. You would not even have the right to bring that on the market.

  • susan.khoo says:

    this isn’t a question of safety. the manufacturer can use some miracle material to prevent the handle from heating up. the issue is psychology. nobody is going to casually tilt the pan backwards without thinking twice to make sure their hand doesn’t get burnt. that’s where the flaw lies.

  • trimtab21 says:

    The pic showing a persons hand from above is a very unatural way to hold a handle. You will not have great control when tilting the pot (with the heavy end up)toward your hand by swiveling the wrist. Poor control can result in sloshing the hot liquid over the rim of the pot and onto your hand. When this happens you not only get burned badly, if it happens with hot oil, it can spread a fire when your reaction is to let go of the handle and drop the pot on the burner. Also, think about where steam is going to go when the lid is on – up the handle. Also think about how you are going to clean the inside of the handle.
    Cudos for thinking outside of the box, but this design receives a Fail on every level. (I have been an Industrial Designer for 35 years).

  • Barbara says:

    Do you sell it?

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