Dotti cleaning tools use inspired designs to make cleaning feel less like a chore

Cleaning might sound like a drag, but there’s no reason your cleaning tools have to be as well.

As if the chore of cleaning up, even after yourself, wasn’t already an uninspiring idea, the thought of using tools designed more for mass-production than actual cleaning doesn’t help lighten the load either. Sure, you could think of expensive designer products that look beautiful or interesting, but what are the chances that you’d actually use them without feeling guilty for having sullied their immaculate surfaces. Good product design doesn’t mean something has to be artistic or lavish, just that they actually get the job done in the best way possible, all while looking good, too. That’s pretty much what these cleaning tools promise, improving your cleaning mood and efficiency by looking good and cleaning well.

Designers: Will Soper and Martyn Long

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Meet the Dotti Super Scrubber™ and Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™ – Engineered for ultimate comfort, performance and style.

You probably take your cleaning tools like brooms and sponges for granted, brushing them off as disposable items that can become too disgusting to keep around after a while. It might have never occurred to you, however, that it might be that attitude and outlook that actually worsen your mood when cleaning, making it feel even more burdensome and undesirable. That is why Dotti tries to reimagine what it would be like if you had good and beautiful cleaning tools that delight and work well. You might not want to throw them away so quickly, and, fortunately, you won’t have to because Dotti is made to last.

The Dotti Best Broom & Dustpan™ – Carefully engineered with an antibacterial silicone bristle broom that effectively traps small and large debris.

The Dotti Best Broom and Dustpan are a dynamic duo that keeps your home spick and span, literally. The Best Broom’s antibacterial silicone bristles are like death traps for debris, big and small alike, while the ergonomic Dustpan is designed so that you won’t have to break your back while cleaning. Set your foot down on dirt and never bend to its level ever again. The minimalist design of these tools easily sets them apart from their mass-produced cousins so that you might not even want to hide this pair inside some closet, leaving them out in the open for everyone to see and admire.

The Dotti Super Scrubber™ – Long-lasting, non-scratch, odor-free and does not change shape or discolor.

The Dotti Super Scrubber is similarly appealing in its appearance but rough on grime. Antibacterial silicone makes short work of dishes and table crumbs while making sure their odors don’t stick around to ruin your day. The ergonomic design of the dish not only makes it a pleasure to hold but also to behold as well. Forget all you know about disgusting, soggy, and stinky sponges when you grasp the Super Scrubber and take cleaning problems into your own hands.

Cleaning tools aren’t exactly what many would consider attractive objects, but Dotti throws all conventions out the window. In addition to their beautiful minimalist designs, they also come in different color options to match your home, your kitchen, or your style. These are definitely tools you’ll want to keep around for as long as you possibly can, so it’s a good thing that you actually can. Dotti tools are meant to last a lot longer than their common counterparts, which helps reduce the compounding effects of disposable products on the environment.

Cleaning is already a chore, so why subject yourself to the pain of using tools that don’t inspire or even do their jobs well. With Dotti, you can feel good not only after the job is done but also while cleaning with a stylish and effective tool in your hand. And it all starts at around $89 for a complete kit of the Best Broom and Dustpan tag team and the Super Scrubber sponge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 $119 ($30 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours to go!