Carbon Flyer: The Ultimate Crash Proof Video Drone

We are pretty kicked about the Carbon Flyer, which also happens to be the world’s first all carbon fiber personal drone that is controlled by Bluetooth and featuring an onboard video camera. The design boasts of a highly durable construction surpasses every other remotely controlled plane, easily surviving the inevitable crashes. Needless to say, this baby is fun to fly and easy to control; in short its a high tech toy that is perfect for the RC enthusiast, the gadget lover or the inner child in everyone!

The Carbon Flyer is all about its super tough carbon fiber airframe, it features an ultra-low drag delta-wing design, allowing for high speeds and superior control; it uses dual high power motors with differential thrust to steer, with no fragile moving parts; it is controlled via long range Bluetooth 4.0 and a smartphone app; it features hot-swappable, rechargeable lithium ion batteries, and it has an onboard camera for taking video while it is flying. In addition, the Carbon Flyer airframe is assembled using carbon nanotube enhanced epoxy, which creates bonds stronger than steel welds. It is, in fact, the world’s first mainstream product to utilize this amazing material technology.

Developed at Trident Design, LLC, an award winning product design and commercialization firm based in Columbus, Ohio, The Carbon Flyer is brought to us by the same folks who designed the Coolest Cooler (the most-funded product of all time, raising over $13.2 million), the Beluga Razor (raising almost $200K), and the Quickey (the most-funded multi-tool of all time exceeding 5,538% of its goal). They work with inventors, startups, and corporations to develop and market products ranging from housewares to consumer electronics to medical devices.

Serial entrepreneur and professional inventor, Chris Hawker, founded Trident with a simple philosophy: “When egos drop away, the best idea wins”. To date, his team of dedicated designers, engineers, videographers, and ping pong fanatics have brought more than 80 inventive products to the market. Iconic products like the PowerSquid and the Onion Goggles have also been designed by them.

Designer: Trident Design [ Buy it Here ]