The iPhone 6 Story

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ have created quite a stir, and for both good and bad reasons. Lets leave the good aside for now and talk about the #Bendgate! We wouldn’t want your phone to go through that! Moreover given our mobile lifestyle, its best to protect the phone with something as trendy as the iPhone 6 Eton Wallet Case. Featuring an integrated wallet, the case is a notch above the rest.

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This new version is crafted with a stronger and more durable base and a leather strap to ensure that your cards stay inside the wallet even when the wallet faces down.


  • There are two compartments: small front pocket suitable for 1-2 cards and large compartment enough to fit 6 cards.
  • A magnetic fastener offers easy access your stored cards.
  • The screen is visible at all times so that you will be aware of all alerts and notifications.
  • The Patent pending slim design holds up to 8 cards and keys.

Designer: Vaultskin [ Buy it Here | 15% Discount Code Inside ]