Double the Power

Wireless Dual Battery is a compact disk-shaped design that splits into two components. Both the ends house recharging gear and can be used to juice your dying Smartphone. Love it for its design and convenient portability.

Designers: Sang Hoon Yoon and Hyeji Eom

[youtube: 600 451]


  • I really like it , How much is it ?

  • Paula says:

    This is really cool!

  • Paula says:

    wow this is so cool!

  • Kevin says:

    is this just a concept.

  • Linda says:

    Where is this available when can I order one? I love this so much. the design is just awesome.

  • TIMTIM says:

    I like the colors and overall light reflections on the model, but the shadows are a problem In the second frame, the shadows are not from the same light source position for the top views and the Iphone in the bottom has no shadow at all. The video was too slow and long for the information presented, and the jazz was dreadful. Young people in the West do not listen to jazz. That is for people who are 80 years old.
    The idea of the product is so unfinished it detracts from your presentation. Simplify. Why would something need to be slid over? Why are there two halves? Too odd. Spend less time on the reflections and more time on the overall presentation.
    Grade is C+.

  • dono says:

    yeah,I am agree with you.It’s not good enough.

  • /b says:

    I thought of this as well just for convenience sake but didn’t seem like anything life changing or impressive just another design. Always interesting to find someone had the same idea as you proving that its just logical and most people have the same ideas at some period. Usually simple as adding 1+1=2.
    Basically re-using common stuff and themes over and over. Try to create something original seeming harder every day.

  • I don’t think it’s feasible, but I hope it is.

  • thank you for this site

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