Pack In A Punch

The Puncho is an innovative boxing glove that integrates sensors. These help make the gloves ‘intelligent’ and measure details like the force of the punch, the speed and the result of the impact. Such feedback helps the athlete to measure their performance and improve their game.

Designer: Emami Design


  • huma says:

    I am sure boxers would love it.

  • rose says:

    I disagree. All boxers would care about is the “KO” pynch

  • kim says:

    I think this is just another waste. Who cares about the force. As long ad it knocks put the opponent doesn’t matter.

  • Glenn says:

    I love it! Being an athlete…i must say that its important to be aware of your performance only then can you improve

  • chloe says:

    Interesting…wonder how many boxers would invest in this

  • foodie says:

    I just read the comments. I think these gloves would give an ego boost to its users. Knowing their punch is as powerful as their favorite boxers or even better?

  • lee says:

    I would get these n compete with my friends to see who has the more powerful punch.

  • ji-hye says:

    Interesting idea!

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