The Modern Harvest

The Nurture project began with an exploration into the usage of the term “fresh” in the food industry. Super-fresh foods are in high demand with the nutritionally-concious, but the delivery of some is limited because of short shelf life and storage issues. This unique solution allows fruits to be nestled within their own roots in the form of a basket in order to keep them alive and fresh efficiently until the time of consumption. Genius! Jump to the video to learn more.

Consumers can buy baskets weekly, and nurture them with minimal moisturizing. Also provided are utensils that are specially designed with instructions on preventing nutrition loss from the process of picking, washing and drying fruits.

Designer: Hyunhee Hwang

Nurture : Living Fruit Basket from HYUNEE HWANG on Vimeo.


  • Ha-neul says:

    what a beautiful concept. Who would be able to turn this down?

  • Ki-peum says:

    genius. preserving fruits in a basket made from their roots. brilliant.

  • Lee says:

    brilliant. what a sweet gifting idea this will make.

  • gogreen says:

    love this concept.

  • Hyun-woo says:

    this is such an adorable concept. fruits nestled in a basket made from nature…”natures basket of love” indeed!

  • chris says:

    health freaks are going to gaga over this one

  • lauren says:

    is this available in the market?…I would love to order this.

  • chloe says:

    this is a weekly dose of health that everyone should opt for.

  • huma says:

    piece of art!

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  • Matt says:

    This is really great concept.
    If it is available in the market, it would make so much money, I guess..

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