Why choose just one?

The Vialattea pendant, designed by Paolo Manganaro for Formabilio, immediately becomes the protagonist of your interior thanks to its unique character… or shall we say, many characters! The unconventional design is actually 4 unlikely shades playfully paired together. Kinda schizophrenic… but totally cool. Get it here!

Designer: Paolo Manganaro for Formabilio


  • Da-yon says:

    Interesting but not for me. I prefer the traditional lamps any day!

  • Ji-hye says:

    wow! now this will definitely brighten up any space! quirky!

  • Dan-bi says:

    This would look lovely in my restaurant! I would definitely like to install this piece there!

  • Jin-ju says:

    How innovative! I could sit under a different light each day!

  • Kim says:

    Agree! I think you can even add different coloured lights or lights with different power (watts) for some interesting effects!

  • Jeff says:

    what an awesome design! you definitely don’t need a centerpiece once you have installed this awesome lighting system!

  • Ki-peum says:

    I love it! especially the simple light bulb! now that’s what I call an idea!

  • Min-jun says:

    Paolo Manganaro has just got a new fan!!

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  • Chen says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I wish I had the space to install this! Simply amazing.

  • Joel says:

    Unconventional is right. I don’t see it taking up a space in my home. But I think it will look lovely in a book store or a themed restaurant!

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