Thin is In

The ITO lamp forms symbiosis between the latest in lighting technology and smart functionality. Its sharp, irregular, geometric aesthetic is formed by a pattern of ultra-thin, almost transparent OLED modules that can be individually controlled via the user’s smartphone. Turn one or all on/off, control brightness and set the mood with a simple press of a button or finger slide. See it in action after the jump!

Designer: Antonia Kuellmer

OLED Leuchte – ITO – Animation from Antonia Kuellmer on Vimeo.


  • chloe says:

    is this a concept only? when will it hit the stores?

  • Hyun-woo says:

    Now this is what i call innovation!what a sleek design idea!

  • Kim says:

    being a gadget freak, I love this concept of operating my lighting unit with my phone!

  • Byul says:

    I think this is meant for commercial spaces only. I cannot imagine this in a residential space…

  • jenny says:

    Will this hit the markets anytime? what is the expected price?

  • Kim says:

    This one is sure to make a big hole in your pockets! This one promises to carry a hefty price tag!

  • Ki-peum says:

    This one is definitely worth every penny! I would definitely invest in this one!

  • Ko-woon says:

    these days a smartphone is all you need to operate various gadgets and devices at home…this union of a lighting system with the smart phone is brilliant.

  • Lee says:

    Not sure I would want this installed in a commercial or residential space… a little “too thin” for me…

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  • afshan says:

    Chic and classy. Please provide any information on the price and availability.

  • Saee says:

    A little too “high end” for me. I like the good old light switches to turn on and off anu devices and appliances.

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