Ridiculously portable guitar amp comes with app support that lets you choose from over 50,000 tones

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Spark Go from Positive Grid lets you jam with no strings attached, or maybe just one string – the guitar amp cable! The portable amplifier is perfect to carry around with you and comes with app support that lets you choose from over 50,000 tones including 33 amp models, and 43 effects and pedals. The app also goes above and beyond, with AI features including Auto Chords, and a Smart Jam feature that has a set of drums assist you as you play. Meanwhile, the tiny amp stands at just 3.5 inches high, with a brass-embellished aesthetic that matches classic amp designs, and a battery that gives you 8 full hours of jamming on a single charge. You know how they say Bigger is Better? They’re clearly wrong.

Designer: Positive Grid

The Spark Go cleverly shrinks down the large, clunky guitar amp down to a perfectly portable size, while maintaining the feature set most fickle-minded guitarists tend to demand from their gear. The compact design is perfect for jamming on the go, and even supports a ‘travel mode’ where you plug a pair of headphones in and jam directly into your ears. For more traditional jamming, however, the audio driver and passive radiator built into the Spark Go provide a “surprisingly big, full sound”, according to maker Positive Grid, thanks to computational adjustments to the audio signal to provide a larger-than-life audio effect.

While the portable size is surely impressive, Spark Go’s companion app is truly its secret sauce. With over 50,000 tones to choose from, the tiny speaker suddenly becomes a bastion of versatility, letting you customize your sound without needing massive effects racks with thousands of dollars of equipment. The app gives you access to 33 different amp models and lets you layer on multiple effects and pedals to digitally mold your sound. The app goes above and beyond too with an AI-powered Smart Jam feature that has accompanying music join in with your guitar as you play, and the ability to sync to your Spotify and Apple Music to generate Auto Chords for you to play along with your favorite song.

The amp comes with a removable bumper-sleeve with a faux-leather texture and a hardshell grille on the front that really makes it look the part. Brass detailing on the buttons, the volume knob, and the quarter-inch jack input really make the Spark Go look like a true blue guitar accessory, and that leather strap on the side makes it easy to carry your amp around with you. Each Spark Go comes equipped with a battery that gives you 8 hours of jamming on a full charge, along with the ability to juice your speaker via a USB-C port on the device. Positive Grid is currently accepting early signups for people interested in buying the Spark Go, with a discounted $109 price tag for people who sign up. The speaker will then be priced at $149 for regular consumers.