What’s that in your pocket? A coffee machine.

Ah, coffee… what would the world be without it? It is, in fact the world’s fourth popular beverage with more than half a trillion cups being consumed every year. Yes, you read that right. Half a trillion cups…

So what if I told you you could carry your coffee-maker with you everywhere you went? No more of that instant coffee nonsense, or the insipid coffee you call Starbucks. I’m talking about your own espresso maker, in an avatar that’s about as portable as a mini-umbrella.

The Handpresso is literally the size of a deodorant can and can be carried everywhere you go. It uses no electricity and all you really need is hot water and your favorite coffee (powder or pod). The Handpresso has a pump integrated into its design with an in-built pressure gauge. All you do is pump it up till the gauge reads 16 bar pressure. Fill the reservoir with hot water, and top-off the coffee cartridge either with fresh coffee grounds or your standard E.S.E Pod. Once you’ve put the cartridge back into the Handpresso, simply lock it in place before hitting the pressure release button. The pressure pushes the water through the coffee and out of the nozzle, giving you one cup of freshly brewed espresso, made right in front of your eyes!

The Handpresso is literally the most portable espresso-maker yet. It easily fits into all bags, uses no electricity, and brews the coffee of your choice. Yes, we’ve ordered one for ourselves! #halfatrillionclub

Designer: Handpresso