The Loto Surprise

LOTO is a clever little mouse that goes from a flat disc to a conical device. It’s high on portability and compliments a laptop perfectly. Inspired by the leaf of a lotus flower, this wired mouse is impressive and should see the light of day!

Designers: ACE Group, iFace – Kim Jinseok, Jang Junyoung, Jeon Seyong, Koo Yoori, Park Jungjun & Shin Jungwon


  • Is very good. I wish you success. Your site is very cool. Much thanks

  • bluestu says:

    cool idea, but sorry to say – if you ever used the original iMac mouse (puck-round shaped) you’d know that a round shape is horrible to use – if the mouse rotated slightly in your hand during use (is it does being perfectly round) it would throw your accuracy and orientation out the window… maybe this concept could be incorporated into a different (oblong) shape?

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