I need Help!

I hate having to go to the pharmacy and go through aisles and aisles of medical products to try and find the best one suited for my needs at that particular moment in time. With the new Help branded products designed by ChappsMalina Studio, the ability and simplicity in finding a needed product is now readily available. The products packaging, is made from a soft molded paper pulp, made from 100% recycled materials and it is compostable. The packaging is also soft on the eyes and easily identifiable for whatever health problem you may be experiencing. For example, two of the products are “help I have a headache” which contain acetaminophen tablets, and “help I’ve cut myself”, which contain two sizes of clear bandages.

Designer: ChappsMalina Studio [ Buy It Here ]

Headaches: Our tablets contain 500mg of acetaminophen. We chose acetaminophen because it’s an excellent treatment for headaches and it doesn’t cause the stomach problems that aspirin and ibuprofen can.

Cuts: Don’t be startled. These bandages don’t look normal. That’s because they are made of a futuristic material called hydrocolloid. It’s the same material they use in hospitals to help wounds heal faster and reduce scarring.