The Power Of Writing Boards

Almost every meeting conducted has strong overtones of us being digital. While the e-notes are helpful, there is nothing collaborative about us when it comes down to sharing ideas. We need something tangible, something that we can feel while we talk through our thoughts. We need mc squares. Be it a store, home, conference room, work-space, lecture or simply brainstorming sessions, mc squares help to create a more efficient way to collaborate or keep reminders in our face.

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Designed by Anthony Franco, the innovator saw the opportunity to make a board that increased all-round participation. Something fluid and functional – better than the existing options of sticky-notes, e-notes and dry-erase white boards. Having attended thousands of meetings and facilitating a number of them, Anthony’s version comes as a much-needed refinement in the field of communication.

The functional squares can be used individually or collectively as a whole. They combine the use of sticky-notes and dry-erase boards; each individual square comes with a mounting bracket, multiple templates (the clear part pops off to change templates), a dry erase pen and an eraser.

The pen and the eraser are custom made to fit to the back of the mc square and the back of the board is designed with hundreds of circles, which are compatible with toy building blocks. The magnets on the back of each square allow it to stick to almost any metal surface, making them versatile to use. We love the fact that the pen and eraser is contained within the design, so that you never misplace them!

Silver Lining For A Cause

mc squares is currently in its Kickstarter phase, and as part of the reward of backing them … for every square bought, at any donation level, they will be matching the backing and sending the same amount of squares backed to a educational institution of your choice, and in your name.

As Franco says, “We truly believe in community, and this is one way we can give back to the community. It has been pretty awesome to see how kids have used the prototypes we have sent out to a couple area schools.”

To know more about how you can make a difference in a positive light and backing the project, head here.

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Designer: Anthony Franco [ Buy it Here ]