The Bracelet Of Power

As a Smartphone owner do you worry about your phone dying on a busy day … did I hit a raw nerve? Truth is, we are dependent on our phone for everything -time, entertainment, communicating, surfing the internet, social networking and on-the-go we have almost no option that is discreet, stylish and yet a great charger. The QBracelet looks at changing this situation. It is a jewelry piece designed for both men and women and doubles up as a charger for Smartphones and other compatible devices.

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The team behind Q Designs – James Kernan and Alessandro Libani – have put in a lot of consideration into why we need this charger. Taking a leaf out of his own experiences, James was once in an unfortunate situation where his phone died while vacationing in Italy. The timing was just horrible, there was no way he could communicate with anyone or find directions or take relief in some music. The chain of events led him to innovate and work on what we have today as the QBracelet.

Stylish, Lightweight – Bracelet and Charger

James says, “Although our phones are constantly dying all the time, we have never been fans of the large and bulky external battery chargers available on the market. At the time the idea was to create a simple, convenient and innovative solution to the external battery that any person would feel comfortable owning and carrying. My passion for technology and fashion led me to build an entire brand that focused on combining the two to create amazing products that would make peoples lives just a little less hectic. When brainstorming for a solution to the problem, I had a few ideas before I came up with the idea for a wearable external battery disguised as jewelry.”

In terms of the design element, QBracelet is classy and has that very ‘Apple’ appeal. In fact it is a trendy piece that you can show-off on your wrist and always stay connected. By cordlessly connecting your device to the QBracelet via a connector that lies within the bracelet’s clasp, you can tank up your phone on the go.

Personally, the biggest USP for me is the fact that I don’t need to carry a bulky battery backup with me. More often than not I tend to forget the extra charging cord and we all know, finding an available wall socket is always a challenge!


  • Once connected, the QBracelet is freestanding and allows for easy phone use.
  • QBracelet comes in two configurations: micro-USB for Android or similar devices, and an Apple Lightning connector version for Apple devices.
  • QBracelet’s built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers a charge of approximately 60% depending on the device.
  • The premier collection is available in matte black, polished and matte silver and polished gold.
  • The design is unisex and it comes in sizes small, medium and large.
  • Pre-orders will ship in time for the winter holidays.

Designer: Q Designs [ Buy it Here ]