Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014

Someone rightly said, “don’t try and reinvent the wheel – just work on making it better than anyone else.” The Dongguan Cup international Industrial Design Competition is a great opportunity for you to do just that. Dongguan is one of the most famous manufacturing cities in China and home to this competition since 2005. This year, you can participate and showcase your version of the wheel and take home a sizeable chunk from the 9 million RMB (approx. $150,000) prize money!

Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition is a renowned, influential and effective industrial competition in China. In the past 9 years about 15000 Universities, collages, design agencies, and enterprises and nearly 250 thousand business representatives have participated in the competition.

Dongguan Municipal people’s Government and China Industrial Design Association host the Tenth Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition 2014. Organized by Dongguan Economy, Information Technology Bureau and Guangdong South China Institute of Industrial Design, the theme of this year’s competition is “Innovative Design and Leading Dongguan.

The competition is open to all design agencies, designers, students, faculties in high education colleges and enterprises across the globe.

Who can apply?

Concept Group: Applicants’ Qualification – Industrial design academics and students in higher education schools from across the globe; Designers in design agencies or companies; Others who are keen on industrial design.

Product Group: Applicants’ Qualification – Enterprises located in Dongguan City.


  • Electronic Devices: e.g. Telecommunication, Entertainment, wearable smart devices and etc.
  • Household: e.g. Home Furniture, Home facilities, living products, smart living systems and etc.
  • Equipment: e.g. Industrial Robot, Numerical Control, Electrical automation devices and etc.
  • Lightings: e.g. Public Lightings, Commercial Lightings, Household Lightings and etc.
  • Toys, Stationery& Sports: e.g. educational toys, smart toys, Pram, school supplies, sports products etc.
  • Packing: e.g. Commercial Packaging (Food, Beverage, Medicine, Household .etc), Industrial Packaging (large devices, Numerical Control), Transport Packaging etc.
  • Others.

How to apply?

  • Please visit www.dgawards.com, register and log in submission system.
  • Please apply for application number according to categories, fill the document information and download the entry form.
  • Each document is required to include a copy of registration form and two design effect drawings. Every single document is less than 5M. If uploading is successful, the submission is complete.

PS: Contestant may submit more than one design project with one username and password. One design project can be only submitted once and you are not allowed to participate with the project in other competitions with the same project.

Requirements – Visit Here.


  • Submission of entries: 30th June, 2014 to 20th September, 2014
  • Preliminary Selection: 28th September, 2014
  • Second Selection: 10th October, 2014
  • Modeling: 15th October, 2014 to 25th November, 2014
  • Final Selection: 1st December, 2014
  • Outstanding Works Exhibition, Innovative Design Forum, Awarding
  • Ceremony: 2nd December, 2014 to 5th December, 2014

Note: Final timetable and details will be available on www.dgawards.com.