The Gripping Story

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Whether in the kitchen or on the desktop, orienting your iPad upright with firm hold can be a nuisance. Inventor/Product designer Erik Kittlaus provides an elegant solution to the problem with his new offering, Slope, showcasing a sleek design that is two parts beautiful, two parts magical. The innovation lies in its biomimicry inspiration – the Gecko Lizard.

How does it work?

Slope leverages a unique suction technology that mimics the specialized toe pads common to the Gecko lizard. Its two foam pads grip the surfaces of both the table and the tablet with microscopic suction to give a firm mounting experience and solid feel.

With its get-out-of-the-way minimalism and unique attachment technology Slope’s orientation on the desktop yields just the right angle and lift. By gripping the tablet from behind, all four sides and corners are freed up getting entirely out of the way of the tablet.

Design Details

Highlighted with its raised surface on the front-side pad, its beveled edges, and tapered base Slope features a beautiful finish achieved by way of glass bead blasting, hand buffing and hard anodizing.

How does this Gecko-style attachment work?

Suction. Microscopic suction. Its two pads are comprised of a special make of foam—Nanofoam—laden with thousands of microscopic air pockets across its surface that acts like tiny suction cups. Pressing an object with a flat surface against Nanofoam forces air out of the pockets creating a vacuum. Vacuum brings suction. Suction secures grip.

Slope is for YOU!

There are 3.1 reasons why Slope is meant for you:

1) Its the perfect meld of form and function (and one that aptly compliments Apple’s aesthetic).
2) Innovative attachment technology. The biomimicry inspiration of the Nanofoam is truly innovative (whose experience surprises).
3) It’s cool! It’s simply a joy to use something you’ll soon be showing off to your friends.
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Slope is compatible with all tablets with flat non-porous backsides. Both aluminum and plastic. This includes Apple’s iPads, Samsung Tabs and Nexus tablets, to name a few and it comes in two sizes: Slope mini (7″ tablets), Slope (10″ tablets).

Go get your Slope!

Designer: Erik Kittlaus for Dekke [ Buy it Here ]